About EdTech Asia


EdTech Asia serves as regional edtech ecosystem catalyst through the organization of programs and events including an EdTech Asia Summit that attracts 500+ entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives from nearly 30 countries each year. Since 2014 EdTech Asia has organized over 70 community programs including education entrepreneurship workshops, business delegation visits, and meetups in 11 countries for more than 3000 learning innovators and edtech business professionals. Through these associated business services and community programs EdTech Asia seeks to enhance the quality and quantity of education solution providers along the cradle to career continuum while contributing to a more cohesive edtech ecosystem within Asia and beyond.

EdTech Asia’s first annual AI & Education event will take place on January 25th in Hong Kong SAR at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.  The conference will consist of multiple presentations, workshops, and discussions from leading AI and business professionals contributing to the future of learning and work. The event will aim to bring together over 600 varied stakeholders interested in artificial intelligence, big data, edtech, and hrtech from across the Asia region. Additional activities will include a startup pitch competition, evening networking function, and local edtech ecosystem tour. EdTech Asia aims to build collaboration, foster networks, and empower edtech and hrtech stakeholders and in the process, showcase key players, regional trends, unexpected dynamics, investment opportunities, and what’s next on the AI and education horizon.

Target groups include:

• Corporate and major brand executives from HR, education, and technology

• Edtech and HRtech companies

• Private and public sector finance

• Government and civil society

• Research and academia

• Management consulting and advisory

• Media and press